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  • Park Avenue: Money, Power & The American Dream

    Park Avenue: Money, Power & The American Dream


    A nice and wholesome anti-capitalist screed with a surprisingly delectable focus on anti-libertarianism as a bonus.

  • A Thousand Girls Like Me

    A Thousand Girls Like Me


    Scavenger Hunt 40 | Watch a film from the Middle East

    A documentary about such a harrowing subject as sexual assault and sexist oppression has no duty to relieve tension but this film was extremely bleak and difficult to watch through. The tone is not hopeful, even the editing and sound design convey the exhaustion Khatera and her family must feel rather than conveying the passion she must feel to keep fighting. This makes the film lack a certain impetus and feel a bit meandering through Khatera's experiences. Go into this on a strong day or it will drag you down.

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  • Louder Than Bombs

    Louder Than Bombs


    Another boring movie about sad white men. A sad dad can't connect with his sad son who plays video games all day. It seems like an attempt to say something relevant and profound about contemporary grief processes, but it is really only relevant to probably the least interesting and least profound demographic of Americans. A ridiculous and disappointing melodrama.

    This quote from Andrea Dworkin kept floating around in my mind as I progressed through the film: "Of course, I have…

  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    I feel the same way about Manchester by the Sea in 2017 as I did about The Revenant in 2016. That is, there's some beautiful imagery and cinematography, the actors are definitely Acting, but overall I feel no emotional connection to the story or protagonist(s) and the run time is excessive.