Burning ★★★★★

boil was the MVP of this film. steven yeun was ight as well.

gonna keep this (mostly) spoiler free; this film beautifully portrays class division, especially in south korea. a scene that has stuck with me even after finishing the film is the scene in paju where ben and jong-su smoke weed while hae-mi sleeps. this scene is so haunting and is probably the most important scene in the film, while seeming like the slowest. 

the other important scene in this film is the scene where jong-su speaks with hae-mi’s former coworker who delivers the line “there is no country for women”. I choose these scenes as the most important as they teach us the most about this films protagonist and what is read to us as the antagonist, with hae-mi stuck somewhere in between these men.

once that stage is set, the rest of the puzzle pieces begin to materialize and by the end of the film, we as the audience should be able to put them together. the one thing I think is the most obvious takeaway however is that the poor and the rich will never understand each other on any field.

oh and TWO CAR LENGTH during stakeouts jesus