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  • VFW



    So I had to slip this one in because y'all sure are polarized in your reviews on this one and that's always intriguing, plus Slashback Video returns tonight and I thought it would be #mood.

    So those of you grumbling and griping, okay, fair enough your points are that it's a not-as-good ripoff of Assault on Precinct 13 and even the score is John Carpentery, and you "didn't see anything you haven’t seen before, but done better."

    Here is where…

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast


    EXACTLY what I'd imagine it's like to be courted by and date Klaus Kinski.

    I was all relaxed in my bathtub, chillin in the candlelight, and apparently it just started thunderstorming in LA because this huge crack shook the sky amd my house right as I first saw The Beast. Was amazing. You should have been here. I was yelling at my cats about how magical it was.

    I was obsessed with Masterpiece Theater when it was playing on TV,…

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  • Keoma



    Strangely, this is not in QT's top twenty spaghetti westerns, but in my, uh, research in the field, it came highly recommended and - well, just WOW this is epic.

    There's a whole thread about the soundtrack on, which is laughable yet somehow beyond awesome?!
    Apparently they wanted a guy who sounded like Leonard Cohen, and played guitar like him, and then they found a woman who sounds like Kate Bush with a Diamonda Galas edge?! The lyrics are…

  • Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart


    Stab It and Steer

    I watched The Wizard of Oz when I was a kid as many times as I've watched this film as an adult, which is to say, it's part of my DNA. Sometimes I think I take for granted how lucky I was to be born when I was, to have these films like the soundtrack to my life. I'm sure anyone born in the 70s can understand the gratitude of riding alongside these movies that shape…