Dunkirk ★★★★★

This is Christopher Nolan's first film based on a real event, previously his films have been fiction both realistic and more imaginative.

What distinguishes Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk most from many other war films is the sound, there is a rumble, in the whole movie, watches ticking worrying and howling .. it may not sound remarkable when I describe it, but it creeps into .

Dunkirk is a war depiction as a state, fear, inferno. The young soldier on the beach sees another soldier walking straight into the waves to take his life. Christopher Nolan does not try to explain

Dunkirk is a unique cinema experience I dare to promise that you never gonna forget this movie. It really does not matter if you are for or against war movies, this is more than just a movie.

It's so close to perfection you can come

I give it 5/5 toasters!

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