Moulin Rouge! ★★★★½

The Moulin Rouge in Paris is one of the world's most classic nightclubs. There have been lavish shows since 1899 - but hardly anyone even in the vicinity of Baz Luhrmann's bombastic and kitschy musical. Just like his "Romeo + Julia" (1996), it is a modern interpretation of Shakespeare, next up it's Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge is a cheeky and modern musical from Holywood. Certainly, Classic can can dance is included.

The film has such a huge flow of images and tones that you feel almost exhausted after two hours. An American critic wrote that it feels like being locked in a lift with a circus. It was supposed to be a praise, I think it's the only objection to the movie: it's just getting too much sometimes, there are no time to breath.

In the movie there is a lot that's really great! The data animation that recreates Paris in older times is made in a very beautifully way. The imagination of the clothes and the scenography is fantastic. The music selection where the main characters talks to each other by singing everything from Nirvana to Madonna, from "Sound of Music" to Elton John. And never have I thought that Paul McCartey's "Silly Love Songs" would be a song that suddenly means something?

However, the film would not work without two great actors at the center. Kidman / McGregor has both total presence of mind, chemistry between each other and good vocal voices.

Moulin Rouge is really really fantastic for both the eyes and the ears.


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