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  • Titanic



    Magnificent. I saw this as a child when it originally came out and in my uncultured, uncluttered by 'coolness' mind it was the most beautiful and moving film I had ever seen. Over the years I had forgotten those first thoughts and emotions that welled inside of me and became a hard boiled cynic who scoffed at the memory of this film... until I went with a friend to watch it in 3D on the 100 year anniversary of the…

  • Waking Sleeping Beauty

    Waking Sleeping Beauty


    Terrific documentary taht delves into more than just the magic of Disney

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  • The Room

    The Room


    One of the worse movies I've ever seen. But great to watch with a group of friends. Directed, produced, executively produced and acted by Tommy Wiseau it is hilariously bad