Eternity and a Day ★★★

Rudely boring, it sets up well and then drags its premise into self-indulgency for 2.5 hours. It's like someone with the camera-skills of Tarkovsky and Ozu failed miserably at re-creating a Bergman film, this is no Wild Strawberries. Films need a rhythm not just nice wide camera shots and a tender moment of humanism here or there (and the camera shots are fantastic, they're mostly set outdoors with soft cold lighting). The film is also a bit obvious with its self-pitying, I initially liked the dynamic between the boy and the dying older man but when a movie starts making you loathe characters instead of empathizing with them as it rolls on then it's failed. This movie was nominated in Greece as an Oscar contender for foreign film but failed to secure the nomination, with better editing, it might have actually received it but the dialogue wasn't strong enough and the film's fat wasn't edited down.