Ghost in the Shell ★★★★

The contemplative or philosophical aspects work better in this anime noir than in the others I've seen, there are better monologues here than in some Bergman movies. The visuals are the best part being equally good at night or in daytime and with enough detail in each scene without being too busy. There's still a disconnect in the narrative which is hard for me to explain in anime films that prevent them from being as satisfying or engaging or as emotionally heavy and it maybe prevents the ending from being as satisfying but I still think it makes good use of its short run time and doesn't miss on anything because most of what it does works.

The actual police investigation here could've been done in more depth but what I like about it is that it's challenging without being too confusing. It really forced me to pay attention to names and the story-line without being completely lost and having to read along the plot summary on wikipedia so the plot has exactly the right amount of vagueness. This movie's relies on some moody cyberpunk tropes but it's better than most cyberpunk movies I've seen and that includes Blade Runner which had a better premise but a weaker execution.