Nocturnal Animals ★★★½

Didn't care for the plot or the subject matter but I still found it very gripping because of a lot of uncomfortable suspense. This movie is like a high-art trainwreck where it constantly has crescendos of tension and I love how quickly it pulls you back from that often to a different point in time only to go back to more suspense. I call it a trainwreck in terms of its messy and distasetful subject matter but it's dressed up to look very polished. Two other things I liked were the dark colours mixed with a desert noir setting and Michael Shannon's acting (one of those roles where an actor is recognizable but completely different from his other work). Also lost in that suspense are a couple fantastic scenes with great dialogue and chemistry between Adams and Gylenhaal. Tom Ford knows how to do an intense thriller, now he just needs a script like a Girl With A Dragon's Tattoo movie where the movie doesn't just feel good but actually is good. Decent thrillers do the job for me in terms of suspense, it's the good ones that do it with a good story or a story you can connect to or stick in your mind.

Oh and Isla Fisher and Amy Adams are both in this but never in a scene at the same time thankfully or that would've just been too confusing.