The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★★½

Travel The World Scavenger Hunt 16 (July 2016)

Challenge Number #9 A movie set in the desert or in a tropical region.

Movie 1/30

The Legend of Tarzan, directed by David Yates.

Plot: Tarzan is now an Englishman, now referred to as John Clayton, he goes back to the Jungle because of an invitation to from the king, but Christoph has plans of his own and captures Jane as well as enslaving the natives and John has to unlock his inner Tarzan once again to triumph over the nasty villain.

When I was a kid me and my friends created these nicknames for all of us, and mine was monkey-climber becuase I loved to climb trees, in fact I would spend many summer days climbing them and going as high as I could, I was no Tarzan, but I was pretty nimble, but I've always kind had a kindred spirit with the essence and character of Tarzan.

I must confess that I grew up with the Disney animated Tarzan, and I loved it, and although I never read any of the Edgar Rice edgar rice burroughs Tarzan novels, I've always had a soft spot for the character and love pretty much anything set in that time period, especially adventure films, and that 1920s pulp feel is also something I've always been drawn to so I may have been biased to like this film, however after it's unenthusiastic rotten tomatoes score I was a little worried, my taste usually aligns with them to an extent, and even if it doesn't I can usually understand why they rate certain films so low, well I seem to be out of line with them this year because this is the third 2016, where I quite strongly disagree with them.

Legend of Tarzan turned out to be pretty much everything I wanted from a modern made, live action Tarzan film. I was watching one of my favorite youtube reviewers saying that the film lacked fun, and I'm sorry but I've got to say I very strongly disagree with him. Sure the film is not as bright or light-hearted as the Animated Tarzan, and it does have a bit of a self-surious tone, but there is quite a bit of moments of comic relief here, most of which comes from Samuel L. Jackson's character, who is excellent here and gives one of the more memorable performances I've seen in awhile. the entire cast is fantastic actually. I was quite surpised by how much character Alexander Skarsgård, brought to Tarzan, his mannerisms, as someone who were raised in the jungle, but had let that part of themselves go to become a civilized englishman was expounded upon rather subtly, but brilliantly, he was also surprisingly witty at parts. and very charismatic, Margot Robbie was great once again as Jane. I personally find Christoph Waltz to be a really overrated actor who plays virtually the same character every time, and while he kind of does, i did find him more tolerable here.

As for the Tropic part of my challenge, the scenery is beautiful in this film, while the film wasn't filmed in Africa, you could have fooled me, the Jungle scenery was gorgeous, fully appreciated with many wide shot takes, Skarsgard and Robie weren't that hard to look at either *wink* *wink*

As much as I liked this film it's not to say it is perfect, the third act seemed a little rushed and it may have served the story better to add an extra 30 mintues to the runtime, as the movie's plot is pretty basic and qute predictable, However it's so hard to make one that isn't these days you can either let that bother you or just shrug it off.

At the end of the Day, Tarzan may not be for everyone, it's not hip or the trend and is quite old fashioned in it's narrative, if a bit more progressive in it's themes then the Tarzan of old. but if you love adventure films set in exsotic places, if you love the lore of Tarzan and don't over criticize it for what it isn't then I than you should enjoy this film quite a bit, I know I did.