La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

The piano key echoes to a halt, rhythm dances mid air as romance sighs and swoons in this magical depiction of love, success, failure and intermingled destinies. Lonely bars holding glories unto themselves, dying notes begging to be heard and spirits yearning to free themselves from their cramped holes, La La Land encompasses all in a breathtaking visual extravaganza of sun soaked boardwalks and cobalt lit LA nights.

La La Land sweeps the rug from beneath with its crushing third act. It has sickeningly feverish highs and beautiful pains hidden under it’s lush paradoxes. Infectious to a fault, it makes you gleam in admiration and wonder in bafflement for the creative hands behind this magical dream. La La Land has an exceptional rush to the hearts like none other this year. Bless you, dear romance.

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