Pig ★★★★

The relentless humming of city sounds echo over his washed out face while the night lights are trapped in the reflection of his frequently wet eyes – Nicolas Cage’s battered and bruised central character is undeniably bereft of purpose. Blending nihilism with dark humor, Pig unfurls like a eulogy to the spirit of its protagonist, whose carcass now roams in search of the sole connection that remains in his life - the titular farm animal.

Michael Sarnoski scrutinize masculinity - piece by piece - and when the curtains are lifted, white blinding emptiness emerges. Muffled, minimalistic and an eccentric mix of grittiness and subtlety, Pig pulls you under with its visceral first half and then caresses existential wounds while wrapping up its affecting tale of coming onto terms with one’s own self in a moving manner.

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