Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

I remember Youtubing the shit out of Suicide Squad trailer when it took the internet by storm. It brought 70's Rock back in my playlist and groove in my steps. I started counting days to its release, wondering whether this would be the definite pulp anti-hero superflick we all were waiting for! And then, it all collapsed!

I am Jack's smirking anger. The ludicrous introductions stumbled shakily to a middle that was absolutely all over the place. I still kept my hopes up but then came the final act and it smothered my insides. Choppy, incoherent, messy and pseudo hip, David Ayer has got this devastatingly wrong.

Thank you Margot Robbie for that tremendous turn and to all the charming cast for lighting the screens up with chemistry which was of rarity in this dull, dark (I literally had to squint) and bad candy soaked nightmare.

Maybe the chips have fallen to rise again, maybe the fork is just a turn down the road, maybe the studio will rise back from this abyss, maybe these ashes become bricks of tomorrow but as for now, DC seems to be choking for it's dear life.

By the end, even Bohemian Rhapsody left a bitter taste in my mouth. Maybe, I don't give a shit anymore. Maybe, we all deserve better.

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