The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★★★

The blue leaves of a tree softly whispering tales of the past, the black ink on the tongue of the fiendish collector, the strokes in paintings, the green moss lining on the staircases and the shine from the metallic finger wear used to defile teeth.

In a movie so hell bent on morphing itself as a symbol for empowering women in gratuitously sadistic manners, my takeaway from this experience is extremely bizarre. Subtleties, that's what remained with me!

The Handmaiden is as explicit as it is sexually depraved. Peek inside the exploitative curtains and it has details skillfully woven across its surface. Dauntless, intriguing, complex and masterfully narrated, The Handmaiden is the work of a director in complete control over his prowess.

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