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  • Blood for a Silver Dollar

    Blood for a Silver Dollar


    Spaghetti western ride part 181

    Decent Spaghetti by Giorgio Ferroni and the second Italo western with Giuliano Gemma, in his known 'acrobatic' style (among others dodging the bullets).
    Interesting story, especially the first part is entertaining.
    It features some nice elements; a bearded Gemma, sawn off revolvers, a silver dollar in a lead role, the protagonist that can not be shot.

  • Django Shoots First

    Django Shoots First


    Spaghetti western ride part 180

    Alberto De Martino's fourth and last Italo western.
    Starts very promising with a great opening scene. A somewhat unusual take on things, especially for such an early Spaghetti, good acting, great score. And it furthermore features the first, if very small, appearance of George Eastman.

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  • Batman



    Still the best Batman film ever. Jack Nicholson simply IS the Joker, Michael Keaton IS (the) Batman and Kim Basinger is Kim Basinger.

  • Arizona Colt Returns

    Arizona Colt Returns


    'I guess I'm gonna get my gun, I guess i'm gonna shoot someone,...'
    Goes the rather silly but catchy score of this enjoyable spaghetti. It's an almost weird combination of comic and more serious scenes, that either works or doesn't, but it worked for me. I also quite liked Steffen in this one. No great or original ideas and story but good spaghetti entertainment.