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  • Allied



    So Janis Ian was actually publicly gay 60 years before Mean Girls.

  • Juno



    Between the script and the soundtrack, Juno tries so hard to be cute and quirky that it's mostly annoying in the end. 

    I can't get my head around the fact that Michael Cera has actually had a decent career. Also, needless to say, I'm definitely not the biggest fan of Jason Reitman. There is some very good acting from Bateman, Simmons and others, but I still can't understand the acclaim.

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  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead


    Disgusting, disturbing, distracting. 

    Sam Raimi's 1981 classic Evil Dead really, really deserves to be called horror. And it probably still remains as his most wonderful directorial achievement. 

    I don't even consider myself as a horror fan, but making a horror film this raw, wild and daring, without much false notes, certainly earns my respect.

    And that ending is just stunning. Wow.

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    After having the time to check the actor's name and eventually finding out the intriguing fact that he's deaf in real life too, I had to dedicate another review to praise the most heart-warming thing in Baby Driver.

    I am obviously talking about CJ Jones' brilliantly heartfelt performance as Baby's ever-so-caring and worrying foster father. Definitely amongst my favourite things in the film. So, well done CJ.

    You don't belong in that world (in sign language)