Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock ★★★★

Definitely one of my favourite works from Steve McQueen. It’s a total vibe piece, an addictive, escapistic love story rooted in the love of music. Reggae, ska and disco music to be more precise.

On the other hand, there’s this threatening aura of violence and abuse going on in the background. But the whole thing makes you so dizzy with all its silly games (damn, even I can’t sing that high with my falsetto) and its musical-esque mise-en-scène. It hits you so hard with that lovers rock that you get lost somewhere in that youthful euphoria and thus, can never quite comprehend what you are supposed to think about all that.

When the sun is already up and the two lovers are still wondering the streets together in the same clothes, I just feel that. And the ending just perfectly reminds you how after the magical, musical, sexual heat of the night, life goes on. The church is still there, the work is still there. But still those little moments in between are the ones that we’ll remember the brightest.

All I can say, this cultural era is something so under-represented in popular culture, that it’s simply great McQueen got the chance to make this project.

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