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  • Café Lumière

    Café Lumière


    HHH is one of my favourite filmmakers, and his films always grown upon revision, so I'm hoping something will change, but I was not much a fan of this one.

    It doesn't quite have the simple elegance of Ozu's stillness and it doesn't quite have the resonant emotional impact of HHH's usually affecting imagery/music/cinematography (all of which are muted in this tribute to Ozu).

    HHH & Trains tho...

    70/100 - Good.

  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights


    Long winded and at times clunky, but showcases a master in the making with those camera movements and sound editing. Sets a tone by audiovisual means that is more powerful than the content would be alone. That crosscutting scene of beat up and gun shots. phew

    80/100 - Great.

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  • Pompeii



    Review Posted at Aesthetics of the Mind


    Paul W.S. Anderson rejects history and unapologetically creates a fictional story which constantly makes reference to its own artificiality. Affective images (emotionally affecting stills), saturated colours, and the hyperbolization of reality are features of its imaginative aesthetic, of a unique and auteur-driven vision of a fictional world: an artificial play which generates much genuine human emotion. Love is its content, from the love of Milo and Cassia to the brotherhood of Milo…

  • Moonlight



    Piece published on Aesthetics of the Mind:

    On second viewing, I confirmed that Moonlight is truly a contemporary masterpiece, and currently the best film I've seen in 2016. My truncated review of past explained my primary observation: that the camera searches for and amplifies the quiet peace found in fleeting moments of connection with others. Herein, I wish to elaborate.

    Though presented as a conventionally structured coming of age drama with three distinct chapters, Moonlight is far from a…