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  • Green Snake
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  • Top Gun: Maverick

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  • RRR


    exists in a complex political context that has been somewhat obfuscated by the anti-British colonialist story around which its epic 3 and a half hours revolves - I feel like I should say I’m far less than qualified to unravel that, better and more knowledgeable writers already have! but the theatrics themselves are astonishing

    my mind kept going back to John Woo with conflict between duty and an intense, melodramatic brotherhood, as well as the giddy exuberance of its set…

  • Pompo the Cinephile

    Pompo the Cinephile

    Reviewed for Cartoon Brew as part of my coverage of Fantasia's animation section, along with THE DEER KING and FORTUNE FAVORS LADY NIKUKO.

    I... didn't love this! www.cartoonbrew.com/reviews-2/fantasia-film-festival-reviews-the-deer-king-fortune-favors-lady-nikuko-pompo-the-cinephile-207922.html

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  • Ema



    still thinking about the dance sequence on the rooftop a week later - loved the complicated, messy polyamory and the film's focus on sensation over everything else, pretty much beats CLIMAX at its own game

  • The Matrix Reloaded

    The Matrix Reloaded

    sure, it remixes and interrogates the previous one by imagining the responsibilities and connotations of The One as a new kind of prison, but this is first and foremost a film about how the French are annoying