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  • Girlhood



    Non-female centric cinema?
    I don't know her and frankly I don't even want to know her.

    MVP: The scene where they dance to Rihanna's Diamonds in the hotel room; I cried and smiled at the same time because I want that in my life.

  • Fat Girl

    Fat Girl


    A brutal, unrestrained deconstruction of female sexuality in a patriarchial society with an ending and a final line ("Don't believe me if you don't want to.") for the ages.
    This was an horror film to me from the first bedroom scene on, the ending was absolutely unexpected and shocking, but I can't say that it was the most disturbing thing about this movie.
    Sometimes cinema doesn't need to be restrained, sometimes it's necessary to shock, to make people wake up.
    A masterpiece of feminist cinema.

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  • Hi Stranger

    Hi Stranger


    My depression and anxiety took over in the last few days and I can't really sleep, but this video of a creature with an amazing butt whispering to me just took all the tension and the stress away for a second, I really needed this and almost started to cry when he said I love you............I'm a mess asjkahslaslakj

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Berlinale 2017 Film #06
    How do I even start...

    I read the novel when I was about 15 and it had a big impact on me, I don't think I would have been out yet if it wasn't for Andre Aciman's beautifully written story about a summer that changed everything.
    Over time I kind of forgot that the novel existed, which is a shame, but thank god this movie was going into production, so that I decided to reread the…