Cries and Whispers ★★★★

"It is early Monday morning and I am in pain."

After the first half, despite some incredible moments of acting and cinematography, I thought that this was going to be my least favorite Bergman film, but somehow the second half made this wind up to be a humanist masterpiece and stabbed right into my poor heart with full force.
The final scenes were as impactful as anything that you could imagine from existential cinema.

I also once again realized how Sven Nykvist and Ingmar Bergman are still my favorite cinematography-directing collaborators ever and the way the colour red is used here, purged by it's usual significance in cinema and used as expression for these character's heightened emotions instead, is brilliant, and most of all stunningly gorgeous.

I have seen a lot of people calling Bergman a god, and now that I love 5 of his films to death, I might join in and agree, because who on earth is this reflective and this highly talented in expressing his state of mind artistically at the same time?

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