Frances Ha ★★★★★

Some completely disconnected thoughts and facts:
-I ate three slices of cake and drunk half a bottle of wine during this
-I peed once, but it didn't felt like the movie stopped
-Woody Allen and everyone else that made a quirky indie dramedy have been found dead
-The pacing in Noah Baumbach films is legitimately amazing, he can go from fairly slow to hyper fast in an eyeblink and it still works and it's not boring for even a second
-Greta Gerwig is flawless in this, I refuse to even think she's acting
-When Annie Hall won best picture, why has this movie been completely ignored by the academy? (I haven't seen Annie Hall)
-This movie is very funny and I laughed out loud at like 6 AM and someone (I think it was my brother) screamed that I should shut up
-This is probably a biopic of me in a few years and I don't think I can handle that thought yet
-I want to thank Brandon for screaming (in text) at me "ITSSSS SOOOOO GOOOOOD" at like 3 AM and thus convincing me to watch this
-This is like the 6th movie in 3 days that I have given 5 Stars, I've been on a good run or I have just a problem
-This movie is very white, but it's a rare case where I'm not annoyed at all by that
-Me dancing professionally is a concept that should be investigated further
-I'm mad that Noah Baumbach isn't co-writing his next movie with Greta, but she is doing her own movie, so thats good, I hope its great not like her first one
-I will rewatch this probably like 20 times this year
-I don't have anything to say anymore except that I'm fully satisfied with this film
-Adam Driver is great
-goodnight (jk gonna watch the next movie now)

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