• July


    The arts and the access

  • Islands in the City

    Islands in the City

    We gotta collectively shut Berliner Schule down before I lose it

  • Jackfruit


    So good. Audience darling that I hope gets the distribution it deserves. Between this and Hundefreund I’m hopeful for funding of more non-white queer narratives with substance and a backbone and not just bougie liberal #diversity labels on them

  • Night Ride

    Night Ride

    Quite a stirring film

  • Ob Scena

    Ob Scena

    Bougie but good, nothing new but interesting, cool images

  • Red Masisi

    Red Masisi

    Exoticizing gaze from the camera, too bad

  • Scum Mutation

    Scum Mutation

    Transhumanist revolutionary ideas/arca type beat, kinda works, nothing really new, not my cup of tea

  • A Couple

    A Couple

    It’s impressive how much it packs into its short runtime, a very polished narrative short

  • One Like Him

    One Like Him

    Trying to find the words, replaying a situation time and time again in your head. Really strong narrative short.

  • The Trial

    The Trial

    I guess I thought this was gonna be a Kafka adaptation but turns out its an anthology of moments filled with sexual innuendos involving iron nails - hammering the wall, nail-licking, nails being hammered into bigger nails, nails having a bluetooth sorta connection with someone’s pleasure zones, a lonely naked man with his booty in the camera, carrying a nail into the sunset…its absurd, horny and has a lot of great images, I loved it

  • The Cage

    The Cage

    Didn’t read into any of the symbolism, don’t care, the vibes were great ✌🏽

  • Laura



    Hm. Morally edgy, transgressive with true intention and artistic vision, fourth wall down, dragging the viewer, a product of its context. That second half was hard to watch, it gets ugly, the shock is quite effective - that doesn’t mean that I needed to see that sexual assault but I admire the concept and the straightforward attitude