Batman Forever

Batman Forever ★★

this two-face has a dope ass fashion sense but not much else. hes my favorite villain of all time so this movie was even more painful than its reputation suggests. you KNOW billy dee williams is happy they re-race swapped harvey dent for this crapfest. like, why is two-face just played as joker with a law degree? and why are they directly stating that he has dissociative identity disorder, even going so far as to have his house split down the middle like hes one half of a divorced couple, when outside of him almost exclusively referring to himself using the royal "we", hes just....a regular evil guy? with no "good" side to counteract with the bad?

who is this green suited character that nygma is obsessed with and directly copied the style of? why does he suddenly start telling riddles when he first uses his brain drain machine? why did he start actively teasing bruce wayne with these riddles if he wasnt even sure what kind of supervillain schtick he was going to go with?

why is dick grayson supposed to be 17 when he looks 28?

why is val kilmer so flat and lifeless?

i cant believe im gonna say this but....whhhyyy didnt they just bring tim burton back??? holy fuck

the visuals were pretty on point i guess, but last night i not so jokingly said id rather have watched this than the rise of skywalker and now that i actually have rewatched it........idk man. at least that movie didnt offend my nerd sensibilities. this just fucking HURT

oh also an interesting note after reading the wikipedia: there were initially supposed to be TWO major black characters in this film, in the form of billy dee williams reprising his role as harvey dent and turning into two-face, and also marlon fucking wayans as robin, but joel schumacher recast both of them with white actors, leaving...uhh i think no POC? of any kind? at all? except for like, one nameless asian cop interviewing nygma after he murdered his boss. very very incheresting. anyway this movie is fucking horrible but it gave us Kiss From a Rose so its also extremely important and worthy of existing just for that specific reason alone

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