Godzilla: King of the Monsters ★★★½

considering the facts that
A. this is my Very First Godzilla movie and
B. nobodys done anything but shit on it since its been released,
i went into Godzilla: King of the Monsters, frankly terrified
but good lord i swear yall have no taste
why go into a movie called King of the Monsters and have complaints like "the humans were weak". like, go watch King of Queens then, bitch

did yall not see that third act? did yall not see my girl Mothra being a queen? did yall not see Ghidorah standing on top of a volcano with lightning flashing behind him and a crucifix in the foreground? did yall not see a NUCLEAR POWERED GODZILLA rampaging through all of Boston like an absolute UNIT?

but even outside of all of that, the music bombed. and the acting was pretty solid too! and of course the visuals were nothing short of spectacular.

sure the writing was cliche as hell. sure i found myself dozing off during the "not giant monsters fighting" portions. sure i found myself...lowkey agreeing with the antagonists for a good while 👀💦💦

but none of that changes the fact Godzilla and his giant meaty thighs crushed some skulls AND stole my heart, and i cannot wait for him to beat up my monkey son sometime in 2020
yall can stay at home for that one i guess? but if you do see it, please pay attention to the title of the movie next time
as of right now its called Godzilla vs Kong, so. you know. expect that.

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