Knives Out ★★★★

knives out is easily the best mystery movie i have ever seen.

diaper wearing reddit using basement dwelling star wars jerking manbabies are gonna hate me for this one, but rian johnson is probably one of my favorite directors working today. between this, looper, and the last jedi, he is 3 for 3 on unexpected, subversive, unique, and relentlessly entertaining films. and i am all here for it.

this was likely my most hyped movie for the remainder of the year. ive been following it for an embarrassingly long time, and snagged early access tickets as soon as they were available. suffice to say, it readily met and exceeded all of my expectations.

funny? check. engaging? check. unexpected and twisted mystery element that keeps the audience guessing while still being potentially solvable by more astute viewers? check. thank god check.

i really dont even have enough to say about this movie to form a coherent review. it was just that good. and were it not for my very subjective grading scale, im certain this would be higher than a 4. but i digress.

go see knives out. believe the hype. and please leave this dude alone already like its fine that you have bad taste and for some god forsaken reason didnt like tlj but i am literally begging you to just go outside for once ok

anyway we really dont deserve johnson or the creativity and brilliance he keeps delivering right onto our thankless doorsteps and its time people start respecting this dudes skills. hes got some serious chops and im tired of being the only one on this hype train. its lonely in here. im so cold

and also quick side note i wanted to mention, but i actually jokingly guessed the ending the night before i saw this while having a laugh with my girlfriend. so that was a pretty hilarious revelation

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