Rocketman ★★★½

Taron went from fighting alongside Elton John in Kingsman 2 to playing Elton John in Rocketman

what growth

anyway, the Bohemian Rhapsody comparisons are predictable, but i feel like something closer to this film content wise would be the oft forgotten and dreamlike Beatles musical Across the Universe. ironically, a lot of the issues i had with that, i had with this as well.
its unfortunate because i was extremely excited about this film, but thats not to say i didnt enjoy it. to be frank, i really loved a fair bit.

the sets were wonderful. the costumes were spectacular. Taron was positively flawless. and the music, of course, was perfect. however, i personally and surprisingly felt like the fantastical qualities that this story carried left me...untethered to the plot, and the emotions that would follow between scenes of mythical wonder and over the top musical numbers werent really there for me.

its conflicting, because i adored certain parts of the fantasy. the duet with Richard Madden and the underwater performance of the titular song were nothing short of breathtaking. but on the same token, in some weird ways i do wish that it was more of a literal biopic like that now forsaken Queen movie. one thing i was probably looking forward to out of this the most was the songs and Tarons incredible singing. but due to the nature of this film, at least half of the songs were cut short, and the other half were sang by multiple people, truthfully not all of whom are as multitalented as the main man himself. thats where the conflict lies; i love seeing Elton singing with his younger self, or his father, or dueting with Bernie or John, but goddamn. not to be that guy, but i didnt really come here to hear THEM sing, did i

all that said, even if its not what i expected or dreamed, it still was cool to experience this film. apparently ive always been a fan of Elton John and just didnt know it. if you are too, then i definitely think youre in for quite a treat.

i thought the songs from Aladdin were catchy. im pretty sure this whole soundtrack is gonna be on a loop in my head FAR into the near future. oof.

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