Parasite ★★★★★

Incredible. Thrilling. Funny. Spooky. Relevant. Other various adjectives...

This was the first film at Cannes where I completely disconnected from the festival and enjoyed being in a theater watching a good film. Quite surreal. 

But wow what a ride. The story is so not what anyone could think but it never makes you question it? It just exists and that’s ok- which is sometimes hard to do in a film. I mean the last 50ish minutes had the entire audience on the edge of their seats and finished with loud applause. Some really amazing sequences also received applause! Literally just such a fucked story and I think would mean a lot more to Asian audiences- def v representative of the class struggles in South Korea specifically. Understanding that, it hits different but is enjoyable either way.

Great acting that I think tends to be overlooked with foreign films- especially Asia- but they were incredible and so committed. This would not have worked without a great cast.

It’s now my favorite at Cannes but I’m not sure if I’d rewatch just because it wouldn’t be the same. Obviously still recommend . It has my support for the palme

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