Tsumugi ★★★½

For those unaware, Sora Aoi is an AV (Adult Video) actress in Japan; to put it bluntly, she’s a porn star. In Japan however, that connotation doesn’t carry the same stigma it does in the states. A respectable number of these starlets end up branching out into TV work or even big name films. Regardless of that fact, many leave a lot to be desired. Just like anywhere else, a pretty face is sometimes favored over actual acting chops. Luckily, Aoi is a step above just a pretty face. While she’s certainly not going to headline the next Yoji Yamada film, she has a screen presence that’s hard to ignore, probably due to her ability to carry her vibrant real-life personality over to the characters she plays on screen. This was her first real acting experience, and while she doesn’t exactly create a role that’s much different from her true self, she shows a lot of confidence and doesn’t come off feeling fake or forced at all.

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