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  • rendezvous



    I actually meant to watch Roger Leenhardt's Le rendez-vous de minuit, but I ended watching Jean Delannoy's Le rendez-vous instead. Oops! This one is not very good. It's a quite stiff crime story centering on a wealthy family hiding a dark secret behind the glitz. It turns quite gothic towards the end, kind of an ugly cousin of Eyes without a Face. The interesting cast makes it bearable. Philippe Noiret plays a languid detective, Michel Piccoli is the family's heavy man, and George Sanders is the sinister patriarch.

  • The Sentinel

    The Sentinel


    A hot mess. A psychological paranoid thriller. A movie about the legacy of the Cold War (I think?), about opera students, about forensic science, about chain-smoking yuppies, about the loveliness of Emmanuelle Devos... It’s got enough material for three movies, it’s totally a young man’s movie. But Desplechin has such flair and panache, he’s so fiercely devoted to his band of eccentrics, that it is still a joy to watch. I wouldn’t say his later works are more restrained, but there’s more deliberation to their madness.

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  • Cars 3

    Cars 3

    I'm going to commemorate this movie with a short review, because this was the first time I take my son to the movies. We actually almost never made it past the arcade and crane claw machines at the entrance, but we eventually moved on. As the interminable stream of trailers, ads and 'featurettes' rolled on, he got frustrated and asked for the remote control, so he could fast forward through this nonsense, as he does at home. I explained there…

  • The Wind Will Carry Us

    The Wind Will Carry Us


    City prick goes to a remote village to shoot a funeral, flirts with a peasant, rides a motorcycle in a field of wheat. The bottomless beauty of the cosmos.