• Top Gun

    Top Gun


    This was macho and it was gay and danger zone appeared in heaps and I think that's all pretty cool.


  • Love & Basketball

    Love & Basketball


    This was a really sweet movie with some good writing, direction, performances, and editing. There were some pretty cool ideas that the film tackled, although the story did become quite formulaic for a large chunk of the runtime.


  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    This was a consistently fun ride despite certain flaws that I noticed along the way. Elizabeth Olsen was really good in her role, Sam Raimi had a few great directorial moments, and the visuals were super cool a majority of the time. The movie shined when it was really weird/phycological, but there wasn't quite the amount of that necessary for me to love everything that the movie was doing.


  • Trading Places

    Trading Places


    Yeah this was kinda not the best. I got into it after the first 10 minutes and started to find it somewhat funny. It just sorta kept going and then changed into a totally different movie, and made it sit kinda poorly with me. The performances had some charisma, but overall it was just a bit of a confusing watch.


  • Some Kind of Wonderful

    Some Kind of Wonderful


    Another surprise movie from the parents. Eric Stoltz and Mary Stuart Masterson have god-tier chemistry and gave this film every ounce of charm that it earned. The story was sweet; it was also super formulaic and never did anything that I wasn't expecting. Still a very good time and I would definitely watch this again in the future. Also, I love Elias Koteas so much.


  • Skin Deep

    Skin Deep


    This was a surprise movie that my dad decided to show to she. Before this, he actually turned on Team America, but I think he could tell I was suffering through that, so he said we could watch this. Skin Deep was kinda mid tbh. It started off with some enjoyable energy and good charisma from an actor who is portraying an unlikable character. I liked how the story seemed to be shaping up, though, from that beginning segment of…

  • The New Mutants

    The New Mutants


    This was surprisingly solid at points. I guess the more it settled, the more it shrunk on me, but that doesn't change the fact that there was some good stuff going on inside of it. Maisie Williams was really good, and while Anya's character was too on-the-nose to handle at first, she did end up taking control of her character and turning out a solid performance. Another thing that actually made this movie interesting was that the horror elements actually…

  • The Birdcage

    The Birdcage


    This was an awesome film. The presence of Nathan Lane is some of the absolute best I've ever seen in comedic acting. All of the actors are spectacular, Mike Nichols does a great job with the directing as always (and Elaine May with the writing, which comes as no surprise), and the story is super charming. This is one that I would definitely like to rewatch in the future.


  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


    Got to watch this in theaters with my boy Micah, and what a great experience that was. I was truly reminded just how brilliant this film is. I will say though, it made me a little bit sad how the other few people in the auditorium all showed up by themselves. You could just tell that the people watching it had all faced some form of intense heartbreak.


  • Argo



    This was a really enjoyable experience overall. It definitely feels like one of the most 'movie' movies I've seen in a while. Like the entire time it felt like I was watching a very polished, slick, clever Hollywood product, but I can't pretend that was a bad thing for me. There were a lot of great actors who all did their parts, even if not many were able to be fully utilized. Would definitely recommend this if you wish for a thrilling and funny watch.


  • I Am Sam

    I Am Sam


    I think I enjoyed this a little bit more than the first time I watched it. Pretty charming, heartwarming, and funny.


  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Alongside the fact that this is almost my exact dream cast, this film really worked for me in essentially every way. The visuals are overall gorgeous, even if a couple of them throughout were a bit distracting. The cinematography was utilized to perfection and I could feel every grain of mud and dirt that the characters were coated in. All of the actors were great and efficiently contributed to the very specific style that Eggers was going for with this…