Black Panther ★★★★

There are few films that arrive in cinemas with so much expectation placed upon it. Not just to deliver something good enough to satisfy the army of fans ready to analyse its place in the Marvel canon but also not to waste an opportunity to stand for something. Lupita Nyong'o said in a recent interview she couldn't believe Disney had given the green light considering the themes and subtext director Ryan Coogler wanted to include. It's easy to see why Lupita, and no doubt many of the other members of the cast, were eager to be involved in a film about a character with a name intrinsically linked to a revolutionary period in recent history that could now serve as a moment of insurgency against the current cinematic establishment.

The arrival of Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War was a powerful one which threatened to steal the thunder of its two stars the longer he remained. Now given his own film it follows on from the death of T'Challa's father T'Chaka and serves as our introduction to their home of Wakanda, seen by outsiders as a third world nation when in fact it is the most technologically advanced country on the planet. Vibranium, the world's toughest and most valuable metal, is the source of Wakanda's strength and powers the upgraded Black Panther suit worn by T'Challa. These symbols of black pride and power intertwine perfectly with superhero ideals and is the platform on which everything in Coogler’s universe is built.

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