Everybody Wants Some!! ★★½

Is this supposed to be a sequel to Boyhood condensed into 87 hours, picking up from where we left Mason last time? Or is it - and this is more likely - just an excuse for Linklater to show off his record collection? A little bit of rap, punk, disco, rock, metal, pop and new wave all thrown into the mix, showing us what an eclectic selection Richard used to listen to. But what about the story, or the characters? I was hoping this was an ironic take down of college jock-life, that we weren't actually being encouraged to like this group of guys.

No such luck. It is all intentional. Bro's drinking brewskis, crushing cans, slapping backs, straddling from party to party, trying not to trip over each other's penises as they try their best to ignore the homo-eroticism of it all. Meanwhile the girls totter round waiting to be picked up by free drinks and cheap lines. By rights, the final film in the trilogy should be stepping out into the working world, set in a bank where we are shown how awesome it can be for all of your hopes, dreams and ambitions to be crushed in a matter of minutes.