The Last Man on the Moon

The Last Man on the Moon ★★★½

An interesting look away from the usual glory stories of astronautical films. The format is very straight forward but is helped significantly by the presence of Gene Cernan who as the title indicates, was one of the last two men to step foot on the moon back in the early 70's. He is an engaging interviewee willing to discuss his own personality traits and the positive and negative effects they have had on his life. Just as important are the simple but very effective visual recreations of moments in the Apollo missions that aide Cernan's heartfelt recollections.

That said, there is plenty of genuine footage that offers a real insight into period. It is essentially a biog of Cernan's life from navy through NASA to the moon, told by the man himself, friends, family and colleagues. Of course we hear about the excitement and overwhelming experience of leaving the Earth through his three flights but also the sacrifices this selfish pursuit had on his first wife and daughter. There is a romance to exploration he refuses to relinquish along with an ego that continues to drive him into his 80's. The deaths of colleagues in training, fear of what lay ahead while awaiting lift-off and stepping out into the vastness of space while the Earth spins all around you are dangers rarely spoken about and expressed with real clarity by Cernan.

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