Thelma ★★★★

Easily the best sci-fi film of the year and one of the best in recent years. The sort of film that puts the overblown nonsense of Blade Runner back in its pretty little box. It really is no overstatement to say that this will become a classic discovered and enjoyed by many in decades to come, a powerful and subtly crafted third film from Jochiam Trier that puts the misstep of Louder Than Bombs to bed. He gradually grows the tension and the existential horror starts to creep inch-by-inch from the just outside of the frame.

Trier dangles the uncertainties from an early stage and reels us in to figure out what the answers may or may not be. There is nothing emotionally exploited and the sci-fi elements slowly wrap themselves around a lesbian love story story that has real meaning. There's a lot relying on the performance of Eili Harboe as Thelma in only her seventh appearance on screen and she excels delving into the teenagers' troubled soul. When she finally discovers what she is and gains the confidence to take control it, the last act morphs into a strange combination of fear and admiration.