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  • Parasite



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    Anxiety, the movie.

    This film was so many things. I really don't know what to say about this film. The cinematography was superb, the lighting differences between the slums of Korea and the upper class help the audience empathize with the characters. With the Park family, we feel the light, airy elegance they find themselves in. Nothing in life seems to phase this family because they do not find themselves in stressful situations besides what to cook for a birthday…

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    I really didn't think I was going to enjoy this film. I thought maybe I just didnt get it. You start out with a very sweet portrayal of a couple and then it snaps you into a hell storm of divorce lawyers and secrets and cut throat agendas. Almost half of the movie is witnessing this once beautiful marriage become more and more toxic. I really thought I was not going to warm up to these characters or the story.…

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  • Cats


    You never get used to the way these cats look. Honestly, the movements look nice and the colors are stunning. But that is about all that Cats has going for it. Sometimes the movie ropes you in long enough for you to almost accept the world you're seeing but then you see Ian Mckellen licking out of a bowl or naked cat Idris Elba in a dance number or the content stream of snot running down Jennifer Hudson's cat face…

  • Hereditary



    One of the few horror movies to do horror right that does not rely on cheap jump scares and cliche plot points. Ari Aster is a master of atmospheric horror. The film dabbles in both supernatural and psychological horror and throughout the film, leads the audience to question what they are seeing. This film does a wonderful job of making the audience also question the saneness of the characters. The third act definitely removes that question, which is the one…