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  • The Duel of the Century

    The Duel of the Century


    Duel of the Century is a rather lackluster film. The film has far too much going on plot wise. I can get over that, what I can't get over is the inferior action. The fights are simply not up to par. A 1981 Shaw Brothers film should deliver a certain level of choreography, this film does not.
    Skip this one. There are countless better Martial Arts films out there.

  • Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire

    Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire


    Hell House 3 is a continuation of a mediocre series. Surprisingly I enjoyed the first one. The followup was a mess but had its moments. This time around it is still a mess but it has some small moments that work.
    The film relies on lots of call backs to the previous ones. I didn't remember much of them so luckily the film uses flashbacks to refresh your memory. Also there are a few scenes that work, with things going…

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  • Savageland



    Savageland was a nice surprise that I randomly watched on Amazon Prime. I'm a sucker for a good mockumentary (like Lake Mungo). This film is a talking heads style documentary about a strange event in a small Arizona town. It's micro budget but a GREAT idea. The film was able to hind lots of it's budgetary restraints with the filming style. Unfortunately it kinda fell short, it seemed as if something was missing. Surely worth a watch but it's a missed opportunity.

  • Kickboxer



    KIckboxer is a film about a young man played by the criminally underrated Yuen Biao who winds up in the middle of a police investigation involving an opium smuggling ring led by Yuen Wah.
    The movie is filmed like a tv show. It has a funny look about it (although the quality of the print available on Amazon prime certainly doesn't help). Yuen Biao is a marvelous martial artist. Watch him in Project A, Dragons Forever, Dreadnaught or Wheels on…