1917 ★★★

"war bad"

- Stanley Kubrick, 1957

Numerous times throughout the film, I noticed places where the film cheated and cleverly hid cuts. It was almost like a game: "Where Are The Cuts?" I got a score of 7 or 8. Not sure how many there were total, but I noticed around that many.

This is a pretty typical war film. A goal is set against all odds, people go out and do them bravely, they persevere when all goes to shit, people end up dead while those remaining continue in their honor. Explosions, gunfire, gray environment. Smoke, fear, regret. A thin plotline stretched until bare; constant tension swirling and turning. Indeed, I have never seen this before and am now engrossed in the majesty of mindless human massacre.

Its technical achievements are its only real highlights. It's genuinely impressive the length to which these scenes go, with lots of things happening (occasionally) and plentiful lighting effects. Acting prowess was generally good and various scenes, which I won't specify due to spoilers, were genuinely immersive. Although, the technical features and spotty great acting can only do so much for a super cliché script and characters that, while spirited, are decently wooden.

This is my overall suggestion for those interested in 1917:

Do you prefer technical marvel over character and story complexity?
- If yes, you'll adore this.
- If no, you'll find it mediocre and/or boring.

For me, it was a lesser Dunkirk.