The Florida Project ★★★★

This is the sweetest tragedy I've ever seen.

The Shape of Water? Darkest Hour? The Post? Pshhh! Pssssshhhhhhh!

It's so nice to see kids playing, kids not be line-spouting machines for adults to get the credit for for being funny. And it does this very, very well. Rich in socio-political commentary, it presents the world of borderline homelessness through the eyes of many different characters in different positions—all of which kind of shitty. The kid, the irresponsible parent, and the manager. The dynamic between these three are so fascinating, my own representation of home life falls under attack here, and I'm not borderline homeless! So much irony is put into every scene, as well as the blissful ignorance of kids just wanting to play in life. Kindness is seen as both an unappreciated expectation and an enabling, coiling snake. It's so easy to just have people be nice and that's it, but even kindness has consequences that may not be beneficial. I love, love that this film establishes that.

A really nice portrait of a usually dismissed problem of American society, and a film robbed of a Best Picture nomination—not that the Academy has any sort of bias for notoriety or money or anything...