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  • Video Diary of a Lost Girl

    Video Diary of a Lost Girl


    Ey, the movie is streaming for free this weekend on Vimeo. I think it's fun and worth checking out.

    password: happyfridaythe13th

  • Hereditary



    I think there's some real solid imagery, great performances and big emotional punches that I really appreciate...but I don't think all the pieces work together 100%. There's a lot of things set up in the first part of the film that don't pay off, close proximity forshadowing & telegraphed tropey twists that after the fact doesn't make too much sense with thought.

    When I saw the first trailer for this I thought the film was going to be an emotional horror…

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  • Nude on the Moon

    Nude on the Moon


    Nude on the Moon, delivers completely on what it advertises. People are nude, they probably were on the moon. What a world we live in, and what a moon they live on. God bless america.

  • Dr. Alien

    Dr. Alien


    Hey, I did it! I found a David DeCoteau film I actually like! No shitty racist caricatures (at least from what i saw), Decent characters, crazy giant head alien, fun!

    ...Which is nice because I bought this movie blind on VHS. The cover with the giant blue colored alien had always caught my eye.

    The last part of the movie flounders a bit, clearly DeCoteau either didn't know how to end it or just plain ran out of steam- it's…