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  • That Most Important Thing: Love

    That Most Important Thing: Love


    I was pretty disappointed in how light A Star Is Born ended up being- for whatever reason I expected it to be darker- so I decided to follow it up with certified heavy bummer, That Most Important Thing: Love.

    It's amazing how even with a more grounded straight forward plot like a love triangle, Zulawski can bring such bizarre manic energy. The movie is filled with strange imagery, weird seedy characters and an intense almost horror-like score that really decimates you during the major scenes. It's beautiful and cynical and sometimes you want to feel like shit after a movie about love.

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


    This is kinda the opposite of Chamber, the beginning bit sucks, but I- for the most part- liked the school Parts.

    The werewolf design is surprisingly stylish. The fact Ron had a human pretending to be a Rat living with him and his brothers for years is super fucked up. Hermoine is used in bizarre ways and the end bit felt mostly unnecessary considering how it plays out.

    Would work as a better metaphor for Harry dealing with trauma and…

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  • Dr. Alien

    Dr. Alien


    Hey, I did it! I found a David DeCoteau film I actually like! No shitty racist caricatures (at least from what i saw), Decent characters, crazy giant head alien, fun!

    ...Which is nice because I bought this movie blind on VHS. The cover with the giant blue colored alien had always caught my eye.

    The last part of the movie flounders a bit, clearly DeCoteau either didn't know how to end it or just plain ran out of steam- it's…

  • Nude on the Moon

    Nude on the Moon


    Nude on the Moon, delivers completely on what it advertises. People are nude, they probably were on the moon. What a world we live in, and what a moon they live on. God bless america.