Tenet ★★★

After Dune and the French Dispatch being delayed to 2021, Tenet was easily the film that I was the most excited for this year. Nolan is an artist who I respect immensely and I'm a huge fan of so much of his body of work. Yet despite my best hopes, Tenet is a meiocre half-baked project.

I don't hate this movie, it has so much potential. Great cast, great director, cool concept. But all of these elements only deliver half way. I've seen many people have describe this movie as super complicated and difficult to understand. I don't entirely disagree with this sentiment but most of the movie can be understood if you spend a little time thinking about it. The issue is that you don't really gain anything from understanding Tenet, there's no new perspective from understanding all of the events of the movie.

I feel like the time travel elements could have been developed better, they aren't even a part of the film for the first half. Having some characters who move backwards through time is such a great idea but it really makes most action scenes confusing.

There's definitely elements to enjoy here. The whole movie looks great, most of the action of well choreographed and entertaining, Robert Pattinson looks gorgeous. There's a specific feel to allk the dialogue that I loved, nobody in Tenet talks like a normal person.

I'm feeling a weak 3

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