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  • Cleopatra



    About on par with A Thousand and One Nights—though, there are some things I like more and less than the previous Animerama film. Again, the film is a grab bag of animation styles. While some may say they clash, the animation in general is much more fluid than the previous film. The colors are still wild! The erotic elements are a bit more heightened with two scenes that actually seem to want to be titilating, instead of just showing tits…

  • Smiles of a Summer Night

    Smiles of a Summer Night


    Very intricately layered comedy about love. Just as bitter as it is sweet. The surface level comedy is cheery and clever. But again, the all the characters dialogue and words are barbed for hurt, whether it be for each other or themselves. There are a few makeshift developments you have to accept at face value but the beauty is that the film never cracks when it strikes a semi-serious pose. Love may be all talk but it’s a game that’s hard not to secretly take seriously—I’ve always found it easier to smile in the summer anyway.

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  • Hereditary



    Okay A24--we're done. No more of these half-realized genre pics, technical exercise, calling cards. May Under The Skin remain the only great film you've released(okay and Spring Breakers).

    So what's wrong with Hereditary? It's cynical but not so obviously at first. The first half begins with quite an unexpected plot point and builds upon it with an eerie, grief felt, and almost at the edge of tears/laughter kind of atmosphere. It is refreshing that the film doesn't cheaply go for…

  • Halloween



    Lazy, hackneyed, and devoid of any new ideas and very little interest. There is little difference between this iteration and H20 and even Halloween: Resurrection. The films are made by different crew members, but they function all the same. Why? Every character is a paper thin plot device, ready to be killed whenever they’ve accomplished the next plot beat. We are never given a single reason to care for any of these characters, outside of Laurie Strode, who within this…