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  • Nine Muses of Star Empire

    Nine Muses of Star Empire


    The kind of stark reality that wasn't necessarily missing from the BlackPink documentary, but just seemingly covered underneath the surface. That doc was about the success of a k-pop group and this one is about one that necessarily wasn't a failure, just unlucky in the fast world of music and fame. The film has plenty of behind the scenes footage that shows how physically and mentally exhausting training can be. At one point they call in a psychoanalyst to talk…

  • BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky

    BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky


    Feels manufactured to keep fans happy and smiling without really revealing much about BlackPink, YG, or an industry that brutally perfects & spits out talent without much regard to their well being. Things simply aren’t just black or pink.

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  • Hereditary



    Okay A24--we're done. No more of these half-realized genre pics, technical exercise, calling cards. May Under The Skin remain the only great film you've released(okay and Spring Breakers).

    So what's wrong with Hereditary? It's cynical but not so obviously at first. The first half begins with quite an unexpected plot point and builds upon it with an eerie, grief felt, and almost at the edge of tears/laughter kind of atmosphere. It is refreshing that the film doesn't cheaply go for…

  • Midsommar



    What’s the point of ripping off great trash and presenting it as something semi-serious? You don’t honestly think you can febreeze the stink out of the air when all you are doing is blowing hot air out of your ass? So you’ve seen The Wickerman and you love cults but do nothing interesting, new, or subversive with the tropes and cliches. You trot them out and dress them up, hoping some perfect shot idiot is ready with their camera to screenshot…