Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★★★★

A gamble on the promises sown by the Safdie Brothers earlier work pays off in full. A truly committed head-rush dive into the world and mind of a grade-A shyster. Sympathy for whom? Sandler’s anxious ridden portrayal of Howard transcends expected tragic comic lows and really goes for something with dimension and weight. He anchors the gravity of the film. Aesthetically electric, the film’s moment to moment hysteria, is riveting. There are a lot of inversions to the type of cliches it wants to play with that genuinely surprised me. The sound design and score is great. The Safdie’s don’t sell their images short and the film builds up to tremendous and tense, three point jump shot climax. They weren’t bought out by stupid super hero, Hollywood bullshit—they are the real fucking deal.

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