Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★

After Roar, a movie that actually felt dangerous, something like Savage Beasts falls short. The movie is as exploitative as its reputation suggests, having real animals suffer at the cost of getting some "Wild and crazy" shots. A group of rats are set on fire--which is so cruel and unnessasary. I want to see a movie where rats set humans on fire. Anyway, it has the gross leering eye of Prosperi all throughout. The film particularly focuses on a half-dressed/underage girl when her character is introduced. Prosperi coming off of Mondo Cane and Farewell Uncle Tom, just couldn't help himself and it's vile. There are a few interesting set pieces like a cheetah chasing a car and elephants stomping in someone's head. Too many of the scenes are animals wandering(probably prodded) toward the actors then an up close cutaway to obviously fake animals attacking said actors. It kills any of the momentum or suspense and looks a lot more silly than genuinely scary. The end of this is also amazingly anti-climactic. Roar may just have big cats in it but it is much leaner, scarier, and better made than this. It's not as shocking or gory as I expected, but the kind of Italian exploitation curio that needs to be seen at least once.

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