Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

“Where are you going?”

A richly layered, gloomy, authentic portrait that feels more grounded than much of the Coens' previous work. One detail that caught me off guard was the thrumming of car tires on a well-worn highway. It's as if the repetitive bumps were mimicking the ticking of a metronome, enabling us to actually hear the monotonous and cyclical rhythms of Llewyn’s life.

Inside Llewyn Davis shows us the many paths that are in front of its protagonist but has the courage to never go down them. To do so would only undermine the complexity of Llewyn's character and present situation. Instead, the film offers a sullen and staggeringly real depiction of loneliness and the inability to transcend one's shortcomings and hardships. The only thing that comes close to pulling off such a task is when Llewyn takes out his guitar and sings. A small, yet monumental, gift from the Coen brothers.

I suspect revisits will only serve me well.