I teach English in remote foreign places.

"Favorites" is just four I really like. Who has four favorite films?

Favorite films

  • Ballad of Tara
  • In the Name of the Law
  • Mother Hummingbird
  • Angel

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  • The Strangers in Beijing


  • Dangerous Charm


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  • What Is a Woman?

    What Is a Woman?

    Crikey, what a world we live in, kids! This bunch "identify" as Left and think those who "identify" as Right are insane, and that bunch "identify" as Right and think those who "identify" as Left are insane. I say you're both bonkers, primarily because you both spend the greater portion of your waking hours in that cesspool of lunacy and poisonous stupidity called the internet. Turn off your little phones and laptops now and then. Stop watching TV ("That other…

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Campion is one of those directors who are skilled at creating a certain atmosphere (Lynch, Tarantino, Ferrara, and Tier are others who spring to mind), but whose films are all more or less silly. This dog is rather more than less. Though set in a La-La Land called "Montana, 1925" the movie is calculated to impress those who subscribe to fashionable 21st century sentiments. The lady is driven to insanity by "toxic masculinity"; the toxic male himself has a deep dark secret (no prize for guessing what it is); and one of the main characters is a petulant "millennial."