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  • The Hunted

    The Hunted


    I watched this piece of shit for 20 minutes and I was actually paying attention but I still didn’t have a goddamned clue what was happening. So then I looked it up on Letterboxd and at time of writing, the entire plot description reads “KGB! CIA! Action!”

    The plot of the Hunted as told by KarlMalden: there is a list of names that both the CIA and KGB want. Eventually it’s finally explained that the list is of KGB agents…

  • Dangerous Mission

    Dangerous Mission


    This is one quirky little B picture. It starts out almost like a Technicolor noir, but then so many oddball narrative choices start piling up one after the other that it's pretty remarkable for a runtime of 75 minutes. For instance: there’s a mysterious hitman, Vincent Price in western attire at a hoe down, an avalanche, a forest fire, an outlaw Indian wanted for murder, Piper Laurie being adorable as hell and of course a glacier gun battle.

    During quarantine…

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  • Life During Wartime

    Life During Wartime


    Whenever I laugh during a Todd Solondz film, it reminds me that I am a bad person with no morals.

  • Hated: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies

    Hated: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies


    I hate GG Allin. I hate his music and I hate punks that act like him or think he was anything more than an idiot who wanted attention. I may lose some punx points for this, but fuck it. This doc was very good at showing how ridiculous he was and doesn't idolize him the way that I expected. Still it's not for everyone as GG repeatedly shits on stage, mutilates himself and attacks his audience (who are equally fucked in the head).