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  • Baby Brown

    Baby Brown


    Officer Toni O'Hara needs to go to work because there’s a “chauvinistic psycho” who will only release his female hostage in exchange for a female cop. Right after calling the dude a chauvinist, the commissioner is standing around gawking at Toni’s legs and watches everyone be all “hey toots” to her. She gets paired up with Tanya Ruso who kicks a criminal in the nuts which makes him lose consciousness. Then Tanya stands there examining her hands because she broke a nail.

    Also it took me way too long to realize everyone had South African accents and not Australian.

  • Edward Abbey: A Voice in the Wilderness

    Edward Abbey: A Voice in the Wilderness


    Middle of the road in almost every way, but when you live a life as rich as Edward Abbey, you’re gonna get a few nuggets sifted from the desolate ground. Of particular interest was hearing Abbey and his co-conspirators dance around admission of committing the crimes we all know they did. The term “statute of limitations” was used several times but as specific as they get to culpability is to acknowledge “field research” for Abbey’s books. Also the man Abbey based Hayduke on was exactly like I imagined him.

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  • Gayniggers from Outer Space

    Gayniggers from Outer Space


    Ummm... so this exists.

  • Tabloid



    [✓] a beauty queen
    [✓] Mormons
    [✓] kink
    [✓] cloning
    [✓] nun disguises
    [✓] alleged rape of a man by a woman
    [ ] me having any clue what actually happened

    I need to watch more Errol Morris documentaries.