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  • Annette


    This was crazy! I love a musical and felt torn about the music - why can’t you give them a hum, to quote Sondheim’s best musical. Why not have any catharsis through song (as the musical form is built for….)  instead of using it as a tool of alienation? Still looking for the right way to put music on screen, I think. Even with our perfect systems we are still doing it wrong.

  • The Parent Trap

    The Parent Trap


    After a long fall of watching kid movies with my babysitting ward, this is the final one I convinced her to watch. I was able to sneak a few good ones in over the months - shark boy and lava girl, zathura, cars - but mostly she watches trash. This however is impeccably made. There is a real story line. There are multiple mini arcs. I can’t tell u how many children’s movie have a deadass beginning middle and end…