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  • My Winnipeg

    My Winnipeg


    This is how I would like to remember my city, a surreal documentary just like My Winnipeg. A mythical intersection between truth and fantasy. Besides as I get older the truth becomes fuzzier and the fantasy becomes bolder. What is more important, the story of my city or it's microfiche and records? Does it really matter, either way? We know in our hearts that the dirt was drenched with blood, tears of pain then flooded it all away and from…

  • Caliber 9

    Caliber 9


    There is a commonly held belief that Ugo has stolen $300K. The moment he steps out of jail and into the streets of a rough and dirty Milan, every man and his dog wants to beat the kaka out of Ugo like a human piñata until all the money falls out. Quiet and steady, Ugo bears it all with resigned fate until the shit inevitably hits the fan.

    I am not sure what I expected. I think this is the…

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  • My Best Friend's Wedding

    My Best Friend's Wedding


    This whole romantic comedy thing is real hit and miss for me. For some reason I can watch a really shitty horror movie and still love it. But if I watch a mediocre romantic comedy I am bored shitless. The romance in this film felt forced, the comedy was non-existent. It's greatest asset was a funny gay dude with more charisma in his little finger than the entire rest of the cast. On an aside, Julia Robert's mouth didn't look…

  • Tiny Furniture

    Tiny Furniture


    Lena Dunham is good at making film and TV that feels intimately revealing, warts and all. And I am sure that this film spoke to many people because of that. No doubt this enabled her to go and create Girls. But Tiny Furniture feels like an embryonic version of that far more complex and amusing TV show. Well, you gotta start somewhere. Unfortunately I found it a little lacklustre.

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