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  • Days of Being Wild

    Days of Being Wild


    Each day, York strides in to the canteen, a lock or two of black hair hanging low on his forehead and a cigarette dangling from his lips. He looks both nonchalant and predatory as he circles his prey, Su Lizhen. Suspicious and circumspect, she resists his initial advances. But Kar-Wai Wong turns up the heat as he brings his characters closer and closer together, the camera zooming in right up close and personal. Beads of sweat, elevated heart beats and…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    At the beginning of Good Time, we see small-time crook Connie (Robert Pattinson) drag his brother Nick (Benny Safdie) out of the middle of an assessment being conducted in a mental health facility. Rescuing his brother from the institution's evil clutches, Connie's fervent fraternal love is blind to the realities of Nick's mental disabilities and his need for professional assistance. Needless to say, Connie's enthusiastic rehabilitation of Nick into civilian life results in Nick ending up in prison pretty much…

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  • Frankenstein



    Hooptober 4.0 - 2017 - Film #27

    If you haven't heard of Frankenstein then you have obviously been living under a sulfurous rock on a malformed planet orbiting an arsinic farting sun in a galaxy hiding in the blind spot on the other side of Alpha Centauri. Or somewhere like that. You get the idea.

    James Whale's 1931 version of Frankenstein is so embedded in our culture that even if you haven't actually sat down and watched the film in…

  • The Wailing

    The Wailing


    Hooptober 4.0 - 2017 - Film #28

    Throughout the film, Director Hong-jin Na, presents to us wide shots of mountainous South Korean landscapes. Captured during the magic hour, the images are bathed in the most majestic of light. This region of the country looks serene, untouched and timeless.

    In contrast, the village nestled at its feet appears to be lost to time, running backwards and falling apart. Dilapidated buildings, rusted farming machinery, a general sense of stagnation and a hint…