3 Women

3 Women ★★★★★

This is the second time I have watched 3 Women. I was particularly fascinated this time around by Shelley Duvall's character. Her tragedy is a warning of the dangers of an unexamined life and narcissism. She has no identity of her own. She is an empty shell who conducts her life in accordance with all the lifestyle and women's magazines she reads. She is so desperate for validation that everyone around her finds her irritating and practically ignores her. This is narcissism fuelled by a mind that lacks an integrated sense of self. Without insight, without the confidence that a carefully considered understanding of her life and self-awareness would give her, she instead hands over her identity and self-esteem to mass culture and the whims of others. This makes her excruciatingly vulnerable and the perfect victim for the cuckoo. Don't be a cuckoo victim. Think for yourself. Know who you are and be happy with it. Don't look to others for your sense of worth. Don't be Shelley Duvall in 3 Women. Awesome movie!

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